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CatalogTutuit Jewellery is carefully etched on caribou bone and antler with semiprecious local stone.
Pendants & Pins
Bear Face Pendant CAD $9.25
Bear Face Pendant 32BF
Bear Face Pin 33BF

Eagle Pendant $9.25
Eagle Pendant 32E
Eagle Pin 33E

Frog Pendant $9.25
Frog Pendant 32F
Frog Pin 33F

Ice Bear Pendant $9.25
Ice Bear Pendant 32IB
Ice Bear Pin 33IB

Iris Pendant $9.25
Iris Pendant 32IR
Iris Pin 33IR

Lupin Pendant $9.25
Lupin Pendant 32L
Lupin Pin 33L

Mi'kmaq Pendant $9.25
Mi'kmaq Pendant 32M
Mi'kmaq Pin 33M

Owl Pendant $9.25
Owl Pendant 32o
Owl Pin 33o

Ship Pendant $9.25
Ship Pendant 32S
Ship Pin 33S

Turtle Pendant $9.25
Turtle Pendant 32T
Turtle Pin 33T

Wolf Pendant $9.25
Wolf Pendant 32W
Wolf Pin 33W

Beothuk Pendant $9.25
Beothuk Pendant 475
Beothuk Pin 476

Dorset Pendant $9.25
Dorset Pendant 525
Dorset Pin 526

Thule Pendant $9.25
Thule Pendant 535
Thule Pin 536

Dangles    Top of Page

Arrowhead/ Jasper Dangles $12.95
Arrowhead/ Jasper Dangles 10AJP
Tutuit Dangle earrings are carefully etched 3/4 in. (18 mm.), bone discs with semiprecious stone dangles ...

Arrowhead/Lapis Dangles $12.95
Arrowhead/Lapis 10AL

Bear/ Jasper Dangles $12.95
Bear/ Jasper 10BJP

Bear/ Vari Jas Dangles $12.95
Bear/ Vari Jas 10BVJ

Caribou/ Garnet Dangle $12.95
Caribou/ Garnet 10CG

Caribou/ Jas Bead Dangles $12.95
Caribou/ Jas Bead 10CJB

Caribou/ Jasper Dangles $12.95
Caribou/ Jasper 10CJP

Caribou/ Lapis Dangles $12.95
Caribou/ Lapis 10CL

Caribou/ Labradorite Dangles $12.95
Caribou/ Labradorite 10CLB

Caribou/Unakite Dangles $12.95
Caribou/Unakite 10CU

Innukshuk w/Lapis $12.95
Innukshuk w/Lapis 10IL

Innukshuk w/ Vari Jasper $12.95
Innukshuk w/ Vari Jasper 10IVJ

Hunter Dangles w/Jasper $12.95
Hunter w/Jasper 10MJP

Hunter Dangles w/ Labradorite $12.95
Hunter w/ Labradorite 10MLB

Hunter Dangles w/ Vari Jasper $12.95
Hunter w/ Vari Jasper 10MVJ

Turtle Dangles w/ Unakite $12.95
Turtle w/ Unakite 10T

Turtle Dangles w/ Unakite $12.95
Turtle w/ Unakite 10T2

Turtle Dangles w/ Unakite $12.95
Turtle w/ Unakite 10TS

   Heritage    Top of Page

Beothuk Avalon $14.20
Beothuk Avalon 41
The Tutuit Beothuk and Dorset Heritage Collection is shaped and decorated in traditional motifs on Caribou ...

Beothuk Placentia $14.20
Beothuk Placentia 42
The Placentia motif has been thought to represent a record of travel between summer and winter camps.

Beothuk Indian Lake $14.20
Beothuk Indian Lake 43
This geometrical design also served as a clasp for clothing. Rawhide thongs would be passed through ...

Beothuk Exploits $14.20
Beothuk Exploits 44
The geometric style of the Exploits discovery is a popular motif within the Algonkian family of tribes.

Beothuk Buchans $14.20
Beothuk Buchans 45
The abstract style of the Buchans earrings piece has been thought to resemble a caribou head (antlers ...

Beothuk Badger Bay $14.20
Beothuk Badger Bay 46
As a tool, the Badger Bay style with its notches, could serve as a lace tightener where rawhide would ...

Beothuk Cape Freels $14.20
Beothuk Cape Freels 47
The delicate geometric design of the Cape Freels is one of a game piece set, much like our dominoes of ...

Dorset Shaman Bear $14.20
Dorset Shaman Bear 52
The magic and power of the Dorset Shaman or Polar Bear was felt to be imparted to the wearer of this ...

Thule Hunter $14.20
Thule Hunter 53
This delicately incised Thule hunter evokes the memory of the early peoples of the snow and ice.

Dorset Rabbit $14.20
Dorset Rabbit 54
Swiftness and good eyesight awaited those who wore the Dorset Rabbit.

Dorset Bear $14.20
Dorset Bear 56
The power and strength of the Dorset Swimming Polar Bear would fill its wearer.

   Chokers    Top of Page

Jasper/ Shell Choker $14.50
Jasper/ Shell Choker CBB1
Each hand crafted Choker is 15 in. (38 cm.) in length with Barrel clasp closure.

Jasper/Jet/Shell Choker $14.50
Jasper/Jet/Shell Choker CBB2

Vari Jas/Bone/Shell Choker $14.50
Vari Jas/Bone/Shell Choker CX2

Vari Jasper/Bone Choker $14.50
Vari Jasper/Bone Choker CXJ1

Labradorite/Bone Choker $14.50
Labradorite/Bone Choker CZ1

Labradorite/Jasper/Shell Choker $14.50
Labradorite/Jasper/Shell Choker CZ4

   Necklaces    Top of Page

Jasper Abacus/Bone Necklace $14.50
Jasper Abacus/Bone Necklace NJAB
Tutuit Jewellery hand crafted Necklaces are 18 in. (45 cm.), Matinee length with barrel clasp closure. ...

Jasper/Bone Necklace $14.50
Jasper/Bone Necklace NJBC

Jasper Bead/Chip Necklace $14.50
Jasper Bead/Chip Necklace NJCC

Labradorite/Bone Necklace $14.50
Labradorite/Bone Necklace NLBT

Lapis Chip/Bone Necklace $14.50
Lapis Chip/Bone Necklace NLLS

   Traditional    Top of Page
Caribou Bone Hoops $12.95
Caribou Bone Hoops 11
Tutuit Jewellery presents finely etched traditional flora and fauna of northeastern Canada on Caribou ...

Blue Bells $12.95
Blue Bells 145BB

Iris $12.95
Iris 145IR

Lupins $12.95
Lupins 145L

Pitcher Plant $12.95
Pitcher Plant 145P

The Raven $12.95
The Raven 165R

The Turtle $12.95
The Turtle 165T

Antler Elongated $12.95
Antler Elongated 16E

Antler, Long $12.95
Antler, Long 16L

Antler, Short $12.95
Antler, Short 16S

Caribou Hoops, Double $12.95
Caribou Hoops, Double 21

Feathers w/ Jasper Bead $12.95
Feathers w/ Jasper Bead 27

   Gemstones    Top of Page

Red Jasper Bead/Bone $12.95
Red Jasper Bead/Bone J1

Red Jasper, Abacus Earrings $12.95
Red Jasper, Abacus Earrings J2

Red Jasper Bead/Bone, Short $12.95
Red Jasper Bead/Bone, Short J3

Red Jasper Chip Earrings $12.95
Red Jasper Chip Earrings J5

Garnet Chip /Caribou Bone Earrings $12.95
Garnet Chip /Caribou Bone Earrings JG9

Garnet Chip & Bone Earrings $12.95
Garnet Chip & Bone Earrings JG10

Labradorite & Bone Earrings, Short $12.95
Labradorite & Bone Earrings, Short JL7

Labradorite & Bone, Long $12.95
Labradorite & Bone, Long JL8

Lapis Chip & Bone Earrings $12.95
Lapis Chip & Bone Earrings JLL5

Vari Jasper w/ Caribou Bone Earrings $12.95
Vari Jasper w/ Caribou Bone Earrings JVJ12

   Assortments    Top of Page
Assortment CAD $170.00
Assortment #1
First time Customers may prefer this 13 piece Sampler Assortment.

Assortment 2 $235.00
Assortment #2
This 19 piece variety contains some of Tutuit's best selling items.

Assortment 3 $325.00
Assortment #3
This 26 piece set is Tutuit's most popular selection.
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